Why Boot Camp blows your workout out of the water!

I’ve been running Boot Camps in Seattle for 5 years now. My current Indoor Boot Camp in Wallingford/Fremont is booming. I guess you could say Sync Fitness is a trend setter. A colleague sent me a great article from USA Today last week. It was about fitness trends for 2011. At the top of the list: BOOT CAMP! Why did Boot Camp come in at the top? Because it is simply the best way to burn calories in the shortest amount of time. This is partly because group exercise makes you work harder to keep up with your classmates. It’s partly because Boot Camp exercises and drills tend to be full body exercises that burn a ton of calories and use many muscle groups at once (hello, so much bang for your buck!) It’s also because Boot Camp uses high intensity intervals to light a fire under your metabolism and help you burn calories around the clock. In the USA Today article they compared calories burned in 45 minutes of vigorous weight lifting vs. 45 minutes of walking (at 3.5 mph) vs. 45 minutes of Boot Camp. Here’s the results:

Weight Lifting: 357 calories burned

Walking: 226 calories burned

Boot Camp: 476 calories burned

*results based on a 175 pound person

I can tell you right now, that the average Boot Camper will continue to burn another 100-300 calories in the 24-48 hours following Boot Camp. You do not get this kind of afterburn with weight lifting or walking. So, really your choice of exercise is obvious now, right?!

In my most recent newsletter, I told my clients, “Do not be average.” Why? The average person gains 5-8 pounds during the holidays. Is that really what you want for yourself over the next 8 weeks. I mean, as you are right now, you’d probably like to lose 5-8 pounds. Who wouldn’t?? So are you going to be average and add *another* 5-8 pounds to your body this holiday season? Or are you going to be above average and start your New Year’s Resolution right now. If you start now you could LOSE the weight the average person GAINS over the holidays. How’s that for a Happy Holiday gift?!

So, my challenge to you is to come check out Sync Fitness Indoor Boot Camp. One of the only Indoor Boot Camps in Seattle. See if it’s for you. Heck, you can come for free to try it out. So, you have nothing to lose, well, except a few pounds that you’d be happy to say good bye to . . . .