Why 2010 is YOUR year to take up exercise. . .

Last week The Wall Street Journal published a great article entitled “The Hidden Benefits of Exercise.”  Click here to see the full article.  We all know there are multiple amazing benefits of regular exercise.  But does that make us get out and break a sweat often enough?  My favorite quote from this article is: “Exercise can be used like a vaccine to prevent disease and a medication to treat disease,” says Dr. Sallis. “If there were a drug with the same benefits as exercise, it would instantly be the standard of care.”  AMEN, Dr. Sallis!!

Here are some other highlights from the article:

**  Regular exercise (brisk walking 5 days a week for 30-45 minutes) increases the function of your immune system by increasing natural killer cells that kill bacteria and viruses. Additionally, regular exercise can increase your body’s response to flu vaccines.

**  One study on the effects of exercise on the use of sick days showed that participants who walked briskly 5 days a week for 45 minutes used 25-50% fewer sick days.

**  There are over 60 studies showing a 20-30% reduced chance of breast cancer in women who exercise regularly.

**  A JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) study of 3,000 women with cancer found that those who walked 3-5 days a week decreased their chances of dying by 50%.

**  The most recent studies on exercise and aging are showing exercise decreases the signs of aging on a cellular level.

If that’s not enough reason to break a sweat I don’t know what is.  EXERCISE IS A POWERFUL DRUG!  YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO EMPOWER YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR FUTURE EVERYDAY!

If you can’t get yourself going on an exercise program, let Sync Fitness help you.  We’ve been serving the Seattle area since 2003.  That means we’ve prevented innumerable colds, cancers, heart attacks, viruses and sick days.