Weight Loss for Real Men and Women

At Sync Fitness, we’re not really the kind of people that put on makeup and come to bootcamp dressed in designer exercise attire … we’re here to get fit and sweat a lot. Most of us don’t look pretty doing it, but it’s for the end result – being healthier and feeling more confident about how we look in our clothes.

So, we don’t really subscribe to the images of women in sports bras and six-packs without a bead of sweat showing, or ripped out men. We’re real men and women.

Sync Fitness’ weight loss programs and bootcamps are here to help real men and women achieve their goals in fitness and weight. The following are some aspects to my program that support weight loss for real men and women:

  • Exercise: Exercise is essential when it comes to long term, sustainable weight loss for real people. The foundation of my weight loss programs is group exercise. We do plenty of cardio, plyometric exercises, weight training and more. These programs last 4-8 weeks, and include unlimited workouts with Sync Fitness. Workouts with Sync help you to learn how to exercise for fat loss and getting lean in short time frames – without injuring yourself.  The consistency of our exercise program really helps you to drop the pounds!


  • Nutrition: Following a crazy diet or consuming diet pills might help you drop some pounds – at the expense of putting some nasty  (and DANGEROUS) chemicals and ingredients into your body), but it won’t keep the fat off for lasting results. During my fat loss programs, you’ll receive education on clean eating and nutrition so you are equipped to change your diet to a healthier one that will help you reach your weight loss goals. ‘Healthier’ doesn’t mean ‘tasteless’, either – we provide meal plans and recipes that are both delicious and good for you!


  • Support: Successful weight loss for real men and women depends on education, accountability and support. It’s not easy to reach these kinds of goals alone, and we want to support you and help challenge you to make your mark! We will give you unlimited phone and email support through the fat loss program, to answer any questions or give you that extra push you need to burn that fat off and be on your way to a healthier, happier person!

Participants lose anywhere from 5-22 pounds and up to 13 inches in my fat loss program! I know it works, and we want to help you – as a real person with real bumps and curves – to become a healthier and slimmer you!

Our next Fat Loss Program will be at the end of September.  Contact me today if you’d like to receive early registration information! You can also call me at 206-354-7480.