Early Bird Special: Sync Fitness Boot Camp is heading to Gasworks Park!

* Video from 2009 Boot Camp*


Join Sync Fitness Boot Camp at Gasworks Park to BLAST FAT, BURN CALORIES, and BUILD LEAN MUSCLE. This is Seattle’s BEST Boot Camp. Serving Seattle since 2003, Sync Fitness has learned what people love and what people hate (and what they love to hate!) We are here to help you make the most of your workouts and push you harder than you can push yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy the experience.


Gasworks Park

2101 North Northlake Way


Classes start July 5th

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6AM

Tuesday/Thursday 6PM

Classes are 45 minutes in length


2-3 days a week = $179 monthly

4-5 days a week = $249 monthly


With the beautiful Seattle/Lake Union backdrop from sunny Gasworks Park, you’ll be working with people of all fitness levels.  We will be running, jumping, squatting and lunging.  In between all that, we’ll throw in some push ups (we know at least 12 different kinds!), planks, rowing and serious core work.  Be prepared for sweaty fun!


“I am having so much fun in Boot Camp. I never thought I could workout (hard!) at 6:00 in the morning, but with an awesome workout to look forward to, getting out of bed on Boot Camp days is a pleasure. The creative sessions and keen encouragement make all the difference. I have an injury that she’s really careful about helping me work through, and I’m feeling tougher and stronger than I ever did cranking out the same old moves all the time at the gym!” Loryn K.

“I’m down 8 lbs, and I feel like have gained a ton of muscle. I was able to donate some of some pants/jeans to Goodwill that were getting too big.”  Susan R.

“Sync Fitness Boot Camp helped me lose 10 lbs and 3 inches off my waist.  Now I can do 100 pushups on my toes!”  Ben W.

“I dropped about three pant sizes, I feel more confident with less stomach jiggle and I can run twice around Greenlake!”  Sarah H.

“I joined Sync Fitness after an ACL reconstruction and the blessings of my Surgeon. Sara programmed not only strength conditioning, but her approach and her use of plyometrics resulted in a weight drop of 14 pounds and very noticeable change in my ability to jump into all the sports I had missed for way too long. A great experience.” Armando Z.

“Sara is a workout Goddess. I love her classes. Her workouts are never boring but are seamless moving from one exercise to the next keeping you challenged but having fun all the same. Thanks to Sara, I am now able to do real push ups on my toes despite an old broken elbow. On top of that my lower back pain has completely disappeared. I always look forward to my next class!” Lara S.

“I’m stronger (up to 25 full push ups!), and it has given me confidence in all aspects of my life.”  Treena C.

“Since I started working out with Sync Fitness I have more energy, am stronger and actually look forward to working out at 6am! I am amazed at the progress I have made in a few months of Boot Camp. I have lost weight, increased my endurance and was able to decrease my cholesterol medication!” Lisa H.

“My butt looks better in jeans!”  Nicole A.

“Sara helped me to achieve a goal I’d never thought I’d be able to. With Sara’s support and training schedule I was able to complete my first half marathon!” Heather H.

“Sara is not one of those scary trainers who you dread working out with. She makes working out fun and learning new techniques easy.” Sarah W.

“I have been training with Sync Fitness since March of 2009. Starting out with one strength training class a week, Sara’s encouragement helped me gain confidence in my athletic ability to step it up to her twice weekly Boot Camp in September of 2009. After I started the twice weekly Boot Camp I have noticed a significant change in my body, my clothes fit better, my energy level has improved by leaps and bounds and my sense of well being has increased tremendously. Probably most significant would be the positive comments others have made about my overall appearance and attitude! Thank you!” Erika P.

If you register for Gasworks Boot Camp before June 17th, you will receive $50 off your first month. So – don’t hold out, REGISTER TODAY to save big and change your life, your body and your confidence this summer!