Sync Fitness 6 Week Total Body Transformation


Here it is folks – what you have all been asking for . . . the 2011 launch of my 6 Week Total Body Transformation! The Winter program will run January 16th – February 26th. Today I get to officially open up this program to a handful of applicants. Over the summer and fall Sync Fitness ran this program with HUGE success. Let me show you some numbers:

Summer: 6 Weeks . . . 15 people . . . 166 pounds lost . . . 122 inches lost . . . AMAZING!

Fall: 6 Weeks . . . 13 people . . . 135 pounds lost . . . 81 inches lost . . . INCREDIBLE!

I have spent a lot of time designing this program for people who are REALLY serious about REAL results. If you are serious about losing weight, fat and inches this program is for you.

Changing your body is an overwhelming project. I have gone through this myself in a few different ways. I grew up overweight. I did Weight Watchers for the first time, and not the last, in the 5th grade, no joke! Changing your body can be the most empowering experience of your life. Years ago, when I became a self trained runner, I got myself through my first half marathon crying the entire last three miles because I was so proud of reaching a goal I NEVER dreamed possible. BTW, don’t be a self trained runner. I knew nothing about running when I did this and I made it a million times harder and more painful than necessary! So, please know that I am coming from a place of experience and transformation. I have set up a program in which I can hold your hand the entire journey. That said, this will be hard work and I do expect you to rise to the occasion.

WHAT TO EXPECT during 6 Week Total Body Transformation:
• 10-20 lbs of weight loss
• 2-6 % decrease in body fat
• 2-6 inches off your waist
• Firmer arms, legs and buns
• Flatter belly / Less bloat / Smaller waist
• A metabolic boost that causes you to burn more calories at rest
• Energy through the roof
• Improved mood, sleep, sex drive

You should know that I have some expectations of you if you commit to this program. Your success will depend on your dedication and discipline.

WHAT I EXPECT OF YOU during 6 Week Total Body Transformation:
1. You will commit to exercising 5 days a week (3 semi-private training sessions with Sync Fitness and 2 cardio sessions on your own.) Semi-private sessions with Sync Fitness will take place M/W/F at 6am, M/F at 7am and Tu/Th at 6pm at The Fitness Lab in Wallingford. You choose 3 sessions a week to attend.
2. You will commit to eating a healthy and clean diet (I’ll give you meal plans and recipes.)
3. You will allow me to take and use your before/after data and photos to brag about you and motivate others. Initial Assessments will take place on Sunday, January 16th. Final Assessments will take place on Saturday, February 26th.

WHAT YOU’LL GET during 6 Week Total Body Transformation:
ASSESSMENTS: This is the fun stuff. I will take and compile your before and after data and photos. I will measure and track your weight, body fat, and body circumference measurements. I know, this doesn’t sound fun. But, trust me, when you compare them end numbers to the beginning numbers, you’ll think it’s the best game ever! VALUE = $187
STRENGTH TRAINING SESSIONS: I will give you an exercise program that maximizes your workout time to make you a lean, mean calorie burning machine. You’ll meet with me for semi-private training 3 days a week. No more guessing what exercises to do! I will also make sure that you’re performing exercises in a safe way to minimize the risk of injury and blast calories like never before. VALUE = $367
CARDIO WORKOUTS: I will show you ways to make cardio fly by and burn more calories that you ever thought possible. I’ll even teach you some special tricks to burn more calories in your sleep! VALUE = $197
NUTRITION: You know what you should eat, but you just haven’t taken the time and effort to clean up your diet, right? I’ll give you a specific meal plan to follow with a ton of recipes. Nothing crazy or super restrictive – just good, healthy, clean eating. VALUE = $ 287
SUPPORT/SURPRISES: This is the best part of the program. I don’t share all of this publicly. But this piece of the weight loss puzzle will be huge in your success – promise! You will have constant access to me in person and via phone and email. Additionally, there will be surprises/education/support that will ensure that you will have amazing results over this 6 weeks. VALUE = $ 597

Are you ready to sign up yet??

As you can see this program is worth over $1600. But I want to be able to share it with as many people as possible, so I’m offering it as low as I possibly can. The 6 Week Total Body Transformation Program including everything above is two payments of $247. Your first payment will be at the beginning of the program, the second one will be at the halfway point. You would spend twice as much just signing up for 6 weeks of personal training, so this is a really great deal. I hope you don’t let it pass you by. So, if you’re really committed to changing your body before the holidays, register now!

Here is what past participants have to say about their experience upon completing the 6 Week Total Body Transformation:

“This 6 week class has been life changing for me. Like many, I knew many of the principles covered in the class (diet, exercise, what to do, not to do) but Sara put them all together, plus more, in one package and along with her knowledge, enthusiasm and patience, the light bulb finally went off! For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I look forward to working out and really am aware of what I am eating! I have lost 11 pounds and 8 inches and am excited about the way I feel about myself!” Lisa, 52, Manager, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

“I signed up for TBT to lose weight and improve my overall health and mental well-being. All of these were accomplished!! My weight loss goal was eighteen pounds, and I achieved an 18.8 pound loss. I am more awake and alert during the day and have more energy. On bootcamp days I notice the greatest positive effects.” Kevin, 41, Business Owner

I signed up for TBT because I need a change in my routine. I was eating, ‘kind of healthy’ and I was working out ‘pretty regular’, but not to the extent that I was changing my body. I wanted a change and I needed to be accountable to more than myself to make it happen. I can justify anything so there were always reasons why I didn’t end up working out or why we ate out instead of cooking. I’m competitive by nature so having weekly weigh ins and a manual to write everything I ate down was great for me. A major kudos to the class is that it combines cardio with strength. Plus, I want to look amazeballs at my wedding. I want people whispering to each other while I walk down the aisle about how awesome I look…and at this point I think they will and I have Sync Fitness to thank for it! Lost 9 lbs Lost 8 inches (3 off the middle!) Lost 4% body fat……AND COUNTING! Megan, 29, Wedding Planner

“I signed up for the TBT because I was out of control. I would randomly just eat whatever was around and never really think about its nutritional value. I knew that the summer months would only make this worse if I didn’t get some kind of handle on my eating and exercise habits. For me, this program has made me much more aware of what I am putting into my mouth…and why! I am a new fan of water consumption, even though it has never been my favorite thing. I also discovered many new ways to cut calories but not give up on taste or satisfaction. Plus, thanks to the morning boot camps, my arms and back have never looked this good! I’m moving in the fall months with a new-found motivation to keep up these good habits. Thanks Sara!” Shannon, 40, High School English Teacher

“I have maintained a steady weight and body shape for most of my life, until the last year or so. Between lifestyle/health/medical changes, I was the most “out of shape” that I’ve ever been, at about 15 pounds above my normal weight. The Total Body Transformation program was the perfect opportunity to get my butt in gear :). The first thing that caught my attention about the program was Sara’s enthusiasm and commitment to support her trainees. She has a lot of knowledge to share, and does so in an open-minded way. Attending Boot Camp 3 days/week has had the biggest impact on me in so many different ways: my energy level is much higher, my mood has improved, my food choices are smarter… I’ve said to myself at LEAST once a week, “I feel like a million bucks!!” And the technical results back up my mantra – I’ve lost over 10 pounds and 4″ from my waistline! Wendy, 30, Landscape Designer

“I signed up for this program when I found out from my MD that my medical stats (cholesterol, etc) were going up. They were still in the safe range, but they were heading in the wrong direction and that I needed to lose weight in order to get them going in the right direction. . . I lost 10 pounds, something I have been trying to do for many years, and 6 inches overall. My strength and balance have improved as has my self-image. I commute the seven miles home by bicycle several times a week, and now find that I only need to take one break when I go uphill rather than the two I needed in the past. I’m stronger, faster and even with several jobs am less stressed out as a result of the regular exercise and good diet Sara insisted upon. Sara provides the means and motivation to follow it in class and beyond. I look forward to continuing to work with her on my goals and would recommend her to anyone!” Bridget, 41, Curator/Registrar/Educator

“I started Sync Fitness’ Total Body Transformation out of desperation and really didn’t expect much as far as results. Everything else I’d tried over the last several years didn’t work but with my wedding 2 months away I was willing to give it a try. In six weeks I lost 15 pounds and a total of 10 inches. My confidence level has risen and so has my energy level. I look and feel amazing. I’ve learned so much and would never go back to my old eating habits. This program has been life changing for me. I’m now armed with the information to look and feel great for the rest of my life. This program has given me the gift of feeling beautiful on one of the most important days of my life. I’m thrilled with the results!” Christie, 34, Dental Sales

“I had a wonderful experience participating in the TBT program. During the 6 weeks I learned about nutrition, how my body is fueled by calories, how to maximize caloric burn and was physically challenged by Sara’s rigrious (& creative) workouts. Whenever I had a question about meal planning or workouts, Sara was available to guide me. The TBT program not only helped me lose pounds and inches, it also armed me with skills to incorporate healthy fitness and nutrition practices into my post-TBT life.” Erica, 34, Buyer, Nordstrom

Sara’s program worked when nothing else did. I signed up to lose weight and to reduce my cholesterol levels. I was able to lose over 13 pounds in merely 6 weeks without feeling as though I was suffering. Sara created a holistic program that encompassed sound nutrition, accountability, and an excellent training program. What separates Sara and her program from others is her vast knowledge-base and follow-through. She is also flexible in tailoring her program to individual needs. Her lack of rigidity and emphasis on the big picture really helped keep me motivated. I cannot say enough good things about Sara and her program. Barbara, 41, Entrepreneur

Over the last two+ years, I gained 30 lbs for a variety of reasons. I was disliking my body enough and depressed enough that I was regularly overeating to the point of feeling sick most nights. I signed up for Sara’s program after trying several other methods to get my weight problem under control. . . The reason I gave to Sara when I signed up was that I could choose to spend more money at Nordstrom on larger new clothes, or I could spend that money on her program and loose enough weight to wear the beautiful clothes in my closet. I could tell I had made the right investment only 2 weeks into the program. There was a dramatic difference in how my clothing was fitting. By week 4 I was forced to sort out the size 14 pants from my closet because they were just way too baggy. Now I am starting too wear some of my size 10 stuff. I am feeling stronger. My back is not hurting after a long day. I have more energy at work. I look forward to the workouts. I like how I look when I walk past storefronts and can see my reflection. Thank you, Sara!! Jill,55, Real Estate Development Project Manager

I signed up for the TBT program after working out regularly on my own for years without being able to lose the last 10 lbs. after having kids. I thought I knew what to do and what to eat but I wasn’t having success losing weight in my waist and hips. During the program, I found that I could get more from Sara’s 45 minute bootcamps than hours in the gym doing the wrong things. Every workout is different, and goes by so quickly I hardly even realized how hard I was working. Sara gives you nutritional plans that are easy to follow and I never felt hungry or deprived. At the end of 6 weeks, I lost 12 lbs. and 3 inches from my waistline. That was more success in 6 weeks than I had had in years working out on my own! Plus, I feel I have gained the knowledge of what I should put in my body , how much to eat and the confidence that I can do it on my own. I have so much energy, sleep great and am a positive role model for my kids & family now. Best of all, I am really excited to feel this great when I turn 40 in 2 weeks! Thanks Sara! Melissa 40, Teacher, Mom


Because there is already so much interest in this program and I only have limited space to give you 110% of my energy and support, I am asking very serious people to apply for the program. Yes, you must apply. Don’t be scared. I just need a tool to determine who is most appropriate at this time for this round of my 6 Week Total Body Transformation.

1. What makes you a good candidate for this program at this time (January 16th – February 26th?) NOTE: I take this question very seriously. Please give it some thought. I need to know you’re ready to commit.
2. Can you attend three workouts each week at the following times: Mon/Wed/Fri 6am, Mon/Fri 7am or Tu/Th 6pm?
3. Can you eat clean and closely follow my meal plan in spite of upcoming events?
4. Can you cut alcohol out for this 6 weeks or limit yourself to 2 drinks PER WEEK for the duration of the program?
5. Can you handle before and after pictures, measurements, body fat testing and weekly weigh ins?
6. Can you commit to 2 payments of $247? You will be billed once at the beginning of the program and again at the halfway point.

Ok, the choice is yours. By the end of February you could be fitter, happier, healthier and 10-20 pounds lighter. Or you could be just as you are today – frustrated, uncomfortable in your own skin and jealous of your skinny friends. I hope you choose the former and make 2011 YOUR year!

Game on ladies and gents – LET’S DO THIS!!!