Boot Camp is for YOU!

There are so many fitness options and approached out there, how do you decide which direction to go?  Boot camp style workouts have been on the scene for a while, now and do not appear to be going anywhere. Boot camp workouts tend to be outdoors, but that aspect is not necessary. The group classes utilize calisthenics, body weight exercises, plyometric and interval training that push you in ways to resemble a military boot camp. Equipment used is simple and at a minimum, making it easy to adapt to settings and participants.

IMG_2241Your instructor will quickly take you from segment to segment which will drive up your heart rate into fat burning mode, while at the same time challenging your body with explosive body-weight exercises. Your metabolism will stay charged longer, increasing your fat burning through out your day.

There are many reasons that people see results and stay motivated with boot camp workouts. As a result, understanding the benefits of boot camp workouts can help you to stick with a fitness plan and see results faster!

  • By its very nature of utilizing resistance and cardiovascular training in tandem, people see results faster with boot camp style workouts.
  • Boot camp workouts are a great use of your time since you can get a full body workout in 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Muscle is built without lengthy weight lifting sessions in the gym and therefore your metabolism is boosted for greater efficiency.
  • The structure and consistency of approach inherent in boot camps help you to stay on track and reach your goals sooner.
  • Although the intense flow and style of the boot camp is consistent, each class can differ from the one before it, helping participants to stay interested and engaged. Very little boredom!
  • Community happens as people train together, encourage each other, and see results.
  • The cardiovascular component of boot camps results in better heart health to combat the nations’ rising numbers in heart attacks and stroke.
  • Osteoporosis is kept at bay as a result of the weight bearing activities that increase bone density.

The benefits of boot camp workouts are many and the reason for this fitness trend’s longevity. If you have not already checked out one of our boot camp offerings at Sync Fitness, make it a gift to yourself this holiday season and to start your New Year right!