Sustainable Snacking Habits for Real People

No matter how many easy tips and healthy eating suggestions out there, none of us is perfect and we can probably all admit to cheating on a diet and/or eating something that we shouldn’t at some point. That’s normal and okay! Beating yourself up about these ‘lapses’ won’t help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals, so it’s better to focus your approach on a more realistic plan. Here are some sustainable snacking habits for real people…

Go for variety, color, and freshness. Instead of spending tons of time reading food labels and counting calories, choose foods that are fresh and colorful, with plenty of variety. Try to stay away from processed and packaged foods, as they are likely to contain unhealthy preservatives and/or fats. Snacking on a rainbow of raw veggies or fruit will be far healthier.

Enjoy treats, but in moderation. If you designate your favorite (unhealthy) foods as off-limits, you’ll probably just crave them more. You can still enjoy the occasional dessert or junk food snack, but reduce your intake by limiting yourself to a smaller portion and less frequent indulgences.

Stay small and slow. Smaller portions are key to sustainable snacking habits. If it helps, pre-portion all of your food to ensure you don’t overeat. Never eat until you feel full, because it takes a few minutes for your body and brain to communicate — instead, stop before you feel full, and eat slowly by putting your utensils down between bites.

Drink lots and lots of water. Not only does water help you feel less hungry, reducing temptations to snack on salty foods, it flushes your body of waste and toxins. Dehydration will cause low energy, fatigue, and sometimes headaches, so drink about half a gallon (eight 8-ounce glasses) of water each day to keep from becoming dehydrated.

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