Sustainable Habits for a Fit & Healthy Spring into Summer

Whew! We’ve already had a scorcher with record-breaking temperatures on Monday, and it’s not even June! All of that lovely weather is probably going to get you in the mood to get into a swimsuit (or at least shorts) too cool off, but lots of us struggle attaining the beach bod we can be proud of.

The following suggestions and tips will help you get on the path with sustainable habits for and building a body you love.

Start small. Let’s be honest, doing a complete overhaul of your lifestyle and diet can feel challenging. And since we’re creatures of habit, it’s easy to fall back into poor habits. But if you can start with a small change and commit to it, such as skipping dessert or going for a 30-minute run/walk every day, you can tackle your habits one at a time for more success! The key is to stay active each and every day, even if every session is not hard core.

Mix it up. The best workout regimens include a mixture of cardio and strength-training exercise. The cardio improves your heart health while causing you to lose calories and fat from sweat, while the strength training increases muscle mass and tones your physique.

Focus on your food. A diet packed with protein is what you need for a slimmer, fitter bod. A healthy serving is 4-6 ounces – have some with each meal! Great sources are plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, meat, fish, tofu, lentils, nut butters, mixed nuts and quinoa. Your lunches are where the key is, here, since it’s usually the most rushed and easy to grab something unhealthy. Give yourself a chance here, with healthy lunches that you pre-pack the night before to help keep you on track. Change the way you think about foods, in general, and when most of your diet is packed with clean, healthy foods, it’s okay to have a ‘treat’ food once in awhile!

Find something fun. It’s difficult to do things we don’t enjoy, and although a lot of people feel intimidated by exercise, but it can be fun! Find physical activities that you enjoy, and make them the core of your efforts. This could include cycling, playing soccer, or fitness classes with a friend!

Get support and accountability. Sometimes a friend is all you need to help you reach your goals. Just in time for the advent of summer, we’re offering a special program with our Little Black Dress Project. It’s a four-week program with effective workouts, tips for improved eating habits, and strategies for wellbeing — all supported with inspiration, accountability and non-competitive motivation from trainers and other project participants. Early Bird registration lasts until April 25th, and the project kicks off on May 5th!