Fight Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are upon us and it is just inevitable that you will put on a few pounds and miss quite a few workouts since, you, it is the holidays and that’s just part of enjoying the season, right? WRONG!! Recognize that there will be temptations with more social events, yummy treats at the office, and the excuse to indulge in extra alcohol or sugary treats. Thinking ahead and planning to meet those temptations head on is 90% of your success

You can enjoy the season and still stay true to your fitness goals. It starts with reminding yourself that choosing to workout is choosing to feel good about yourself getting that much closer to your goals long after the holidays are over.

We hope the following tips will empower you to holiday fitness and nutritional success!

  • Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.19.04 PMTake into account that holiday events will from time to time make it necessary to skip or cut short a workout and find more time-manageable ways to stay active on those days. Most of us can manage at least a 30 minute power walk, some core work in the morning, or even a 15 minute full body workout to jazz up your metabolism.
  • Take extra steps to insure that you drink your water. Over-eating is tied to dehydration so drink plenty throughout the day, especially if you have a holiday event that evening.
  • If you have to cut workouts, cut some of your cardio work and make sure to keep at least some basic weight training in your day. Building muscles combats fat like nothing else!
  • Allow yourself some “treat cheating” while at parties, but plan ahead to limit that and remind yourself you are not denying yourself, you are choosing health. Make this easier by consuming more macronutrients during the day, keeping your intake up on protein and veggies. When you do arrive at a party, scan the buffet with the express plan of targeting veggie and protein options first. You will be less likely to over-indulge on the sweets and higher fats later on.
  • Sign up for a holiday fun run or other fitness event.  You are more likely to stay accountable to your fitness plan especially if you get a friend to sign up with you.  There is power in teamwork!
  • One of my favorites, especially for preventing late evening eating is to brush my teeth after a meal. Not only do you not want to ruin your nice fresh breath, but the extra step taken not only serves as a mental reminder that you are choosing to not indulge.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption.  Understand how your body metabolizes alcohol and how it sabotages your fitness goals. Choose lower sugar and calorie wines and cocktails if you are going to indulge a little bit. Just a little bit, ok?
  • Play hard! Take advantage of family moments and go sledding, snowshoeing, and have vigorous snowball fights in lieu of a workout. Shoveling snow burns an incredible amount of calories and ups your metabolism at the same time.

With all of these tips, remember that you can choose to adopt them in support of your long term fitness goals and remove the phrase “self- denial” from your vocabulary and replace it with “I choose health!”

Post your fitness goals and these helpful tips where you can see them each day as a reminder of that choice.  Happy Holidays from your team at Sync Fitness!

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