Spring 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program

With summer just around the corner, I am so excited to kick of a MAJOR pre-summer fat loss program. This will be a new program for Sync Fitness – YIPPEE!

Are you ready for my new 4 WEEK RAPID FAT LOSS PROGRAM?!

I know many of you were waiting excitedly for a Spring 6 Week Total Body Transformation program, it has proven to be the most effective and comprehensive weight loss program in Seattle. I was all ready to offer that, but I kept getting these requests:

“Can we have a program for people who have already done TBT?”

“Can we have a program that’s a little shorter?”

“Can we have a program that’s less expensive?”

So I decided to create a program that will give you AMAZING results in less time for less money and cater to both TBT grads and those who have been wanting to do my programs but haven’t been ready to take the leap. This was a tall order.

Thank you for pushing me to be bigger and better than ever! I’ve come up with something AWESOME!

This program will begin with a Kick Off Meeting on Thursday, April 21st and end with Final Assessments on Sunday, May 22nd.

WHAT TO EXPECT during our 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program:

• 8-15 lbs of weight loss
• 2-4 inches off your waist
• Firmer arms, legs and buns
• Flatter belly / Less bloat / Smaller waist
• A metabolic boost that causes you to burn more calories at rest
• Energy through the roof
• Improved mood, sleep, sex drive

As always, I have some expectations of you if you commit to this program. Your success will depend on your dedication and discipline.

WHAT I EXPECT OF YOU during our 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program:

1. You will commit to exercising 5 days a week. This includes at least 3 semi-private training sessions with Sync Fitness and up to 2 cardio sessions on your own.
NEW: Alternatively you may attend as many as 5 sessions a week with Sync Fitness.

Semi-private sessions with Sync Fitness will take place:
Mondays 6am and 7am
Tuesdays 6pm
Wednesdays 6am
Thursdays 6pm
Fridays 6am and 7am
NEW: Saturdays at 8 am (this session is for Rapid Fat Loss participants ONLY!)

All sessions will take place at The Fitness Lab (3410 Stone Way North, Seattle 98103) in Wallingford.

2. You will commit to eating a healthy and clean diet. (I’ll give you meal plans and recipes.)

3. You will allow me to take and use your before/after data and photos to brag about you and motivate others. Initial Assessments will take place the week of April 18th. Final Assessments will take place on Sunday, May 22nd.

WHAT YOU’LL GET during our 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program:

ASSESSMENTS: This is the fun stuff. I will take and compile your before and after data and photos. I will measure and track your weight, and waist circumference measurements. I know, this doesn’t sound fun. But, trust me, when you compare them end numbers to the beginning numbers, you’ll think it’s the best game ever! VALUE = $187
STRENGTH TRAINING and HIIT SESSIONS: I will give you an exercise program that maximizes your workout time to make you a lean, mean calorie burning machine. You’ll meet with me for semi-private training at least 3 days a week. No more guessing what exercises to do! I will also make sure that you’re performing exercises in a safe way to minimize the risk of injury and blast calories like never before. VALUE = $247
CARDIO WORKOUTS: I will show you ways to make cardio fly by and burn more calories that you ever thought possible. I’ll even teach you some special tricks to burn more calories in your sleep! VALUE = $127
NUTRITION: You know what you should eat, but you just haven’t taken the time and effort to clean up your diet, right? I’ll give you a specific meal plan to follow with a ton of recipes. Nothing crazy or super restrictive – just good, healthy, clean eating. VALUE = $287
SUPPORT: This is the best part of the program. This piece of the weight loss puzzle will be huge in your success – promise! You will have unlimited access to me in person and via phone and email. Additionally, there will be surprises/education/support that will ensure that you will have amazing results over these 4 weeks. VALUE = $397

NEW Bonuses for 4 Week RFL participants:

GROCERY STORE TOUR: I will take you roaming through the store to point out the good, the bad and the ugly while grocery shopping. In addition to being super fun, this will be very eye opening. VALUE = $97
MASSAGE: I’m partnering with Kathy J Rose of Shift Massage to offer you discounted massage all month. Kathy will give all RFL clients $30 off all massage services for the entire month (up to one massage a week!!) With Kathy’s discount you RFL clients can get a 60 minute massage for $45 or a 90 minute massage for $65. VALUE = $120
PRIZES: Yup, for the first time ever, I’m offering up prizes! Here’s what you’ll be sweating for:
$200 to Nordstrom for new skinny jeans (cause you’re gonna need them!)
$100 to Lululemon for some hot new workout gear
$50 to Lucy for some new play/sweat clothes
VALUE = the glory of fame and hot new clothes = PRICELESS!

Are you ready to sign up yet?!?!

As you can see this program is worth over $1400. But I want to be keep the costs as low as possible for each one of you, just as you requested. The 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program including everything above is just $347. You would spend twice as much signing up for 4 weeks of personal training, so this is a really great deal. I hope you don’t let it pass you by. If you’re really committed to changing your body before the summer, do not hesitate.

This program is bound to be just as life changing as my other weight loss programs. I couldn’t be more excited to get you in the best shape of your life for summer. There is nothing better than wearing shorts, tank tops and a bathing suit comfortably. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being on a beach in a bathing suit trying to hide yourself. So really think about where you want to be when June rolls around.


Because all my weight loss programs sell out quickly, I have an application process to make sure I’m only selecting people who are really ready to commit to this life changing process. If this is not the right time for you, no worries, I will offer other programs down the road. However, if you believe this is your time to take the bull by the horns and get fit and fabulous for summer, simply email me at sara@syncfitness.com with answers to the following questions:

1. What makes you a good candidate for this program at this time (April 21st – May 22nd)? NOTE: I take this question very seriously. Please give it some thought. I need to know you’re ready to commit.
2. Can you attend at least three workouts each week at the following times: Mon/Wed/Fri 6am, Mon/Fri 7am, Tu/Th 6pm, Sat 8am?
3. Can you eat clean and closely follow my meal plan in spite of upcoming events?
4. Can you cut alcohol out completely for the first two weeks of the program and limit yourself to 2 drinks a week for the last 2 weeks of the program?
5. Can you handle before and after pictures, measurements, and weekly weigh ins?

NOTE: To be considered for this program you must submit a COMPLETE application answering all 5 of the questions above. I cannot accept emails that simply request “sign me up” as applications.