Pull Up Fun!

My client Mike recently challenged me to a pull up competition. If you know me very well, you know I’m a bit competitive. Interestingly, Mike thought maybe I would let him win. Ummmm, not a chance.

Before you press play, I should give you some background. Mike is in his 60’s, but played high school and college football. this has kept him exceptionally young at heart, I believe. On more than one occassion he has brought in Sports Illustrated articles about the recent NFL workouts and wanted me to model his workouts after theirs. Additionally, we regularly argue about how much weight he is allowed to bench press (after he looks at what the most up & coming NFL drafts are pressing and then sets the same goal for himself.)

Mike’s current sweaty passion is climbing mountains – big ones, like Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams and hopefully Mt. Kilimanjaro next year. So we do a lot of lower body conditioning, core conditioning and cardio conditioning. When Mike completes all those tasks, I reward him with Bench Press and Pull Ups.

Mike is a force to be reckoned with. He is still as tough as his 19 year old football persona of a few years past and actually weighs the same… he recently came in to report, “I’m back down to my college playing weight.” Raise your hand if you weigh the same as your most athletic, young adult self??? Yup, I’m pretty sure I don’t see many hands out there….

When Mike mentioned a pull up competition a few weeks ago, I was ready!!! I love to have something to work toward. So last week when Mike’s daughter, Alessandra, came to town (so they could climb Mt. Adams a few days after our big pull up contest), we had our game day. Thank you for taping Ale!!

I definitely had an advantage here, as Mike went first both rounds, so I knew the number I had to beat. Mike has already called for a re-match. SURE THING!!!!