Please don’t laugh at me!

So, a few weeks ago I started waking up with a achy back and right hip. Check out this video to see what was likely the cause of my pain. BUT, please don’t laugh. I have the biggest feet of any female I know – my running shoes are a size 11. So, I can barely fit them in the camera lens. Ok, my secret is out.

You’ll see in the video how my shoes have completely broken down based on my stride. Your shoes may wear quite differently. So look closely at the bottom of your shoes for sign of wear. Inspect both shoes closely, as one shoe may wear a lot more than the other (as in my case).

If you are in Seattle and find you’re in need of new shoes, let me recommend Super JocknJill by Greenlake. They are really helpful in determining what shoe is best for you. Not all running shoes are good for every foot. PLEASE get the ones that are best for you. Any good running shoe store will watch you walk/run in shoes and be able to tell you the most appropriate shoe for you. Don’t buy shoes from a place that cannot do this! With as many steps as you take on your average run, your shoes are an essential investment. They can make or break you, literally. Happy running friends!