Are you looking for ongoing support on your fitness or nutritional goals?

Are you looking for weekly accountability that is private and personal?

Are you looking for an open line of communication between you and our AMAZING Trainers?

If so, the Sync Strong Coaching Platform might be for you!

If you are interested in participating in our pilot group (limited to 5 people) check out the info below:

The underlying focus of the Coaching platform is to support participants with ongoing coaching (nutrition, exercise, life etc) outside of Sync Boot Camps and in between Sync Strong Transformation Programs. We are shifting the focus of the programs away from “weight loss” and onto meeting each one of your individual goals on an ongoing basis.
As a snapshot the Coaching Program is:
  • Online only – meaning no additional classes/meeting at Sync
  • You are prescribed a workout plan to follow, track, post, and provide weekly responses/feedback to us
  • You are to perform the exercises as prescribed (we make sure you know the workouts before we get fully into it)
  • You perform the workouts in addition to what you normally do at Sync (or out)
  • You take part in an initial phone call/skype to go over a set goal and frame out your expectations and workout
  • You provide responses to a weekly questionnaire on your success/failures over the training week, etc
In exchange for participation in the free program we ask that we are able to use your feedback and results for promoting the program when we roll it out permanently. We also ask that you provide honest feedback on our interactions with you (ease of use/complications etc) basically anything that will help us tinker with the program as we unveil it.

Ready to get more info or get on the interest list?


Email us here: [email protected]