Mary’s Place: A Fantastic Place!

Today I had the pleasure of touring Mary’s Place to see where all our Charity Boot Camp money will go this year. I have to thank everyone who told me about this amazing place. Mary’s Place serves 140 women and kids in their day center everyday. They shelter 220 people in 6 Seattle locations every night. Over half of those are children.

I couldn’t believe all the fantastic things I saw happening in my short time there. Some highlights:

  • MarysPlace*Women’s knitting group
  • *Women’s writing group
  • *Bon Mary’s Store where women can earn points to shop for clothing, shoes, beauty products, household essentials
  • *A women squealing about her newly purchased boots from Bon Mary’s


  • *11 Turkeys being pulled from the oven to feed 220 homeless women and children dinner tonight.
  • *Underwear and bras being folded and organized to put in Bon Mary’s store
  • *A refugee/immigrant group with a few of the most gorgeous toddlers I’ve ever seen (this is where I promptly burst into tears)
  • *A resting room for homeless women who are recovering from things like chemo/dialysis/surgeries (like mastectomies, appendectomies)/childbirth who have nowhere to rest during the day. This room is also used for kids who have illnesses like pneumonia and can’t go to school.
  • *A nurse’s office and pharmacy where homeless women and kids can get medical care and things food stamps don’t buy (over the counter drugs, bandaids, etc)
  • *A shower room where homeless women can come in to shower
  • *A check-in desk where women and kids can receive toiletries to shower as well as tampons, pads, diapers, wipes, underwear, toothbrushes
  • *A job board where women can sign up for chores in order to earn point to Bon Mary’s as well as take ownership and pride in their community
  • *A huge pantry with food donations to feed 220 people every night. These donations come from places like the Seattle Food Bank, Northwest Harvest, Safeway, Starbucks, Macrina Bakery…
  • *Resources to connect women to housing, jobs, support groups
  • *Volunteers of all ages, including junior high kids helping in the kitchen, high school kids helping in the child care center
  • *A sense that the staff are helping these women and families always move forward, no matter their current circumstances
  • *Soooo many smiles and warm, friendly faces

What Mary’s Place is doing on a daily basis is phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier to use our Charity Boot Camp as a means to give to the women and children they serve.

You’ll see some new and fun ways to give through Sync Fitness coming up soon. In the meantime, THANK YOU for your contributions so far this year! I met 5 or so people on the Mary’s Place staff today and each one of them thanked me profusely for our support of their program. And I got to give them $425 of Sync contributions before I left.