How to Find Victory with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Years’ resolutions is a tradition with many Americans.  Roughly 45 percent of us make them, envisioning a lighter, healthier self or better personal finances. However over 50 percent of those who set their resolutions give up on them within six months and only 8 percent make it to the full one year mark. However, if you look at those who do set resolutions to begin with, those people are 10 times more likely to make significant behavioral changes that do lead to improvements even if the resolutions are not fully attained.

It stands to reason that making resolutions is only half the battle, understanding human behavior with initiating change is the other half…or more. Personal coaches and corporate success stories have lessons for us and the message is that it is not that complex to achieve your New Years’ resolutions.

    • Make it measureable: Real and lasting change happens not just with setting a goal, but also setting an actionable and measureable plan on how to get there. If you want to lose some weight, you must also have a nutrition and workout plan to back that up. You can maintain your motivation knowing that your success will be significantly higher if you map that plan out for yourself.
    • Limit yourself: You are setting yourself up for failure if you set multiple goals and try to work on too many at once. It is far better to have success with one or two resolutions because they are more manageable than dismal failure with a long list. Once you have attained a certain level of success with one or two, you can set more. They don’t have to be set in January. In fact, quarterly resolutions can set you up to be more successful.
    • Write them down and share them: A study on goal achievement found that writing down goals and sending weekly updates to a friend resulted in 76% goal success than those who didn’t. That is how you beat the numbers normally associated with failure to achieve New Years’ resolutions!
    • Focus Daily: whether it is photos of your final goals taped to your fridge, or reminders on your smart phone, there are great resources our there to keep you focused each day on your goals and the daily steps you need to get there.

    So it is not complex and it is possible for you to beat those dismal numbers and find yourself this time next year looking back to some great new changes that you made in your life.