Expectations of Weight loss With Boot Camp?

How much weight do you lose with Boot Camp?

I get this question a lot.  People contact me and say, “I live near you (Queen Anne or Magnolia) and I’m looking for a boot camp program.  Do people lose weight in your classes?”

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer:  Almost every Boot Camper signs up for our classes because they want to “lose weight.”  However, a million things keep them coming back to class for months and years on end.  And many (most!) of those things don’t have much to do with the scale.

While vanity is the primary motivation for signing up for Boot Camp or a weight loss program, the unexpected benefits are what really change people’s lives.  Here are a few things that have “accidentally” happened to some of our Boot Campers who set out to “lose a few pounds”:

    • I ran my first 5K.


    • I went off my blood pressure medication.


    • I have more energy than ever before.  I didn’t know how great I could feel!


    • I’m a happier mom, wife, friend and co-worker now.


    • I shrank my body and increased my self esteem.


    • I ran a freakin’ marathon!


    • I climbed Mt. Rainier.


    • I made new friends who keep me accountable to my workouts.


    • I can do 10 push ups on my toes.


    • I completed the Tough Mudder (13 mile run + 25 obstacles).


    • My anxiety is so much more manageable.


    • I feel strong and capable.


    • I never do the same workout twice now, so I’m never bored.  I actually look forward to exercise.


  • I smile a lot more often and people notice I’m happier.


These things are HUGE.  So, when people ask, “How much weight will lose with Boot Camp?”, I tell them they will lose as much weight as they want to lose, but they will change many other things about their life that are more significant.  Changing your life is way better than losing weight.  If you are thinking you need some change in your life, please contact us to find out how you can get started.

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