Healthy Summer Grilling

Every change in the season brings on its own set of traditions and events to look forward to. Well, summer is here and absolutely nothing says summer like BBQ’s and outdoor gatherings with family and friends. Sometimes all those celebrations can lead to tempting food choices that don’t support your healthy goals. You can stay on your fitness track and still enjoy delicious, healthy summer grilling with some of these tips and recipes below for health-conscious ideas.

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  • Add great flavor by using sauces and marinades and avoid extra calories. Your choice of marinades is the difference: Worcestershire sauce, chili sauce, tomato paste, and soy sauce are all good choices. Read sauce/marinade ingredients and avoid those with sugar. Try some of these recipes for bold grilling flavor this summer.
  • Go lean to keep your intake of both saturated and Trans fats down. Choose lean or extra-lean ground meats and trim the fat and skin off of poultry.
  • Get fishy and become a grilling expert with salmon, halibut, cod, and other healthy seafood. Super recipes here for you to get adventurous with.
  • Stay safe against E coli by cooking your ground beef to 160 degrees and flip burgers frequently.
  • Toss some marinated veggies on the grill such as Portobello mushrooms, eggplant, and zucchini. Make sure to cut them into chunky shapes and sizes so they don’t slip down into the flames.
  • Avoid potential carcinogens from grilling by marinating your meat. It provides an important barrier for the proteins in the meat. A simple oil/vinegar, and spices al all you need.
  • No more “blackenin’” your meat! Avoid the burn if you are using charcoal and wait 20 minutes after lighting to cook your meat.
  • If summer grilling means you just can’t resist that juicy grille steak, keep your portions more reasonable, after all, it’s not about denying yourself, but keeping within moderation.

Try some of these grilling tips and recipes from these pros from Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica. If anyone knows how to grill to perfection, this husband and wife duo certainly do! Most of all, enjoy your grilling season!