Top Five Weight Loss Myths

It’s a personalized balance of healthy dieting, exercise, and determination. Weight loss – particularly for those of us who are ‘real’ women and men with busy lives – is not an easy thing to achieve or maintain. There’s no ‘silver bullet’ or ‘quick fix’ to help you lose weight (at least not if you’re going to keep the weight off).

But while we’re all working to avoid carbs and sweets, it’s important to recognize a weight loss myth when you hear one – it could be hindering your goal for a smaller dress or pant size, rather than helping it. Check out these five weight loss myths:

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      1. “Low Fat” & “Fat Free” Means 0 Calories: Fat free and low-fat products may have fewer calories than standard versions of the same food, however, fat free and low-fat products may also contain more flour, sugar, salt, or starch to keep the flavor of the food item after they have removed the fat. All of those items increase calorie count.  I never recommend “Fat Free” versions of food.  Low Fat is fine and often Full Fat is too! Fat is your friend.  It fills you up, keeps you satisfied and it helps your brain understand that you have actually eaten.  Recent research is actually showing great weight loss and maintenance results in diets HIGH in fat, when the fat is from good sources.


      1. Snacking Will Prevent Weight Loss: It’s a myth that eating between meals is detrimental to weight loss. Actually, small healthy snacks between meals – such as plain Greek yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and nuts – can help you eat less at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These snacks can also help you get nutrients you might not get at meals.


      1. All Carbs Are Evil: Not all carbs are created equal, and there is such a thing as good carbs and not-so-good carbs. Avoid carbohydrates with lots of sugar or white flour.  Fruits, vegetables, beans (legumes) and sprouted whole grains are all good carbs to consume. Don’t forget that your body uses carbohydrates as fuel for exercise, so you need some good carbs on hand to burn each time you work out!


      1. Fast Food = The Worst Food to Eat: Okay, you probably shouldn’t chomp down on a double cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake, but in a crunch, you can usually make a reasonable choice.  Some healthier fast food options to try: order a salad.  Choose grilled chicken or fish instead of fried.  And get a side of fruit.  Minimize sauces – mayonnaise and dressings are weight loss nightmares.


      1. Consistent Exercise & Diet Means No Weight Gain: Your metabolism will change as you age, meaning that exercising the same way and eating the same things – even if you workout every day – may not prevent muscle loss and weight gain. The good news is, there are a few dietary and exercise tweaks you can make to combat an aging body, in order to keep the extra weight off.


I hope that by debunking these myths, you’ll be on your way to a healthier method of weight loss. If you need some help with your own weight loss goals, I’m always happy to help! Just contact me for a free consultation.