Fall Fitness Tips

Summer is suddenly over, and chilly, wet weather has already rolled in. For some, the start of fall includes a loss in drive or incentive to exercise – you know you’ll be all covered up in comfy clothes for a few months, and that comfort food is starting to look really good.

But don’t let your hibernation instinct kick in! Keep working toward your goals for health and strength with these fall fitness tips:

Head Outside: The heat is gone, so get outside and exercise in the crisp, fresh air! We are still enjoying some really gorgeous days around Seattle. Running, hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities are fabulous to help with your fall fitness regimen. And you’ll want your body to be in shape for hitting the slopes once the snow starts to fall in the mountains, right? Plus, you’ll get to watch the gorgeous transformation of colors from summer to fall.

Eat Autumnal Bounty: Summers – especially in the Pacific Northwest – provide a rich bounty in delicious fruits and vegetables. Don’t let the disappearance of blueberries and tomatoes be depressing for your diet! Squashes, mushrooms, apples, arugula, beets, broccoli, carrots – they’re all being harvested now for delicious additions to your fall meal choices.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Don’t let the fact that it’s dark out be your excuse not to exercise. You will feel amazing after a 6am pre-dawn workout. I promise. Just ask any of my Boot Campers! If you just can’t pull yourself out of bed in the morning, schedule an evening class (we offer 6pm classes Mon-Thurs) or an evening workout with a friend. Scheduling with a friend will keep you accountable to those evening workouts that can be tougher to motivate for as the days become shorter.

Eating Habits Ahead: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is coming, and along with the holidays, all of those heavy meals and sugary desserts. Start creating healthy eating habits for yourself now, so that when it’s time to start planning Thanksgiving dinner, you have trained your mind and body for more health-conscious eating decisions.

Discover Incentives or Motivations: Everybody needs a reason to work out. Whether yours is strength or endurance training goals, a target weight, healthier lifestyle, or just because you feel better when you exercise regularly, find your motivation center and use it to help you reach your goals!

You all are awesome and have my full support as you get fit this fall! Join in on my bootcamps, or take advantage of our weight loss programs if you need that extra ‘oomph’ to help drive you toward achieving your fitness goals. Contact me for details.