Elements of a successful fitness and weight loss program

As summer is just around the corner all of us are looking forward to spring and summer fashions as well as those fun summer activities such as BBQ’s, boating, and just playing outside. Naturally you want to feel your best and look your best. Maintaining a successful fitness regime and weight loss plan factors into that. Too many times, people just focus on one or two elements such as just diet or just working out. When that happens, we lose sight of the big picture and how important it is to keep all elements in consideration; and we are less successful with our plan.

  • Fitness: Change your focus from working out to burn off those extra cookies, to how you want to build a lean and healthy body so you can live a life and participate in activities that bring you and your family joy.
  • Diet/nutrition: Re-think your approach toward it as “dieting”. Change your motivation to making healthy choices that are good for your body and overall health. This shift takes it away from denying yourself the yummy foods, to choosing the best foods.
Photo source: Pixabay.com

Photo source: Pixabay.com

  • Lifestyle: Have you identified the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family? If that includes healthy activities such as family hikes or bike rides, then what can you do to plan and get those on the calendar instead of remaining parked in front of the TV.
  • Mental/Emotional: Learn what your mental roadblocks are in weight loss and put a plan in place ahead of time to meet those head on…and beat them. Similarly, we all struggle with roadblocks to a regular fitness plan. Those can be thoughts of being too tired to exercise or thoughts that you just don’t have the time. Learn to identify yours and be proactive about removing those roadblocks and having the life you desire.

Incorporating all four of these elements to your approach to health and wellness will give you the success you want not only in fitness and nutrition, but in all areas of your life as you take charge and make changes for success.