Divine Spinal Health

I’m a big fan of Chiropractic!  I’ve been treated for the past few years and I love everything about it.  The popping, the release of stress and tension in my body and the rush I feel right after each appointment (I’m told this is my nervous system being stimulated.)

If you’ve ever considered trying chiropractic, let me recommend Divine Spine Chiropractic in Ballard; they are located in the Old Ballard Firehouse.  Dr. Derek Strachen does a wonderful job caring for his patients.  From your first appointment he lets you know everything he’s doing and why he’s doing it.  He takes each patient through a comprehensive exam where you get to see everywhere you’re holding stress, tension and misalignment.  It is incredible to learn about this and the impact it has on your overall health and well being.  As a wellness practitioner, Dr. Derek does an exceptional job explaining what is going on with your spinal health and how it can effect the rest of your life.  This extends so much further than achy backs.  Spinal health is related to your nervous system health which is the master controlling system of the body.  If your nervous system doesn’t work properly then you become susceptible to illness and disease.

Dr. Derek can use chiropractic to facilitate healing problems in your skeletal system, relieve muscle tension, aid your digestion, eiminate headaches/migraines, decrease allergies/sinus problems, relieve depression/anxiety. . .  The list goes on and on.  Nervous system/spinal health is important to everyone for optimum health and functioning.  Chiropractic is not just for the injured.  You can learn more about Divine Spine and Dr. Derek at www.DivineSpine.net.  I hope you go visit him soon.  He will take great care of you!