Busy Life? You Can Succeed at Your Fitness Plan

The vast amount of resources, books, apps, and gyms at our disposal create all kinds of opportunities and ways to get and stay in shape. However, this huge array of choices is also indicative of the busy, stressful world we live in.

Virtually all of us need better time management, a slower social calendar, and fewer commitments regarding family and friends. It really helps to have some tips to learn what others do to get beyond the obstacles in our busy weeks and be successful in your workout plan.

  • – Have a Plan: Sit down and consider all options, what has worked in the past, what hasn’t, what you enjoy, what has piqued your interest. Write out a plan that covers days of the week, times, and types of workouts. Enter your workout times in your calendar, smartphone, and computer. Sync all the above with a fitness app and your success rate will skyrocket.

  • – Something’s gotta give: As you are doing the above step, also list all the commitments and current activities in your week. Thoughtfully look over each one and assess whether it can be delegated or even removed from your life. Too many times we say yes to committees or tasks that although they may be good, if taking them on makes it impossible or too difficult for taking care of your health, then maybe you need to let them go.
  • – Make it fun: If you know deep in your gut that you hate running, telling yourself that you will start running 3 days a week is not realistic. Is music in your background? Consider a fitness class involving music, are you a team player? Join a fitness group. If it is fun for you, you are more likely to stick with it.
  • – Be a habit maker: Real change involves changing habits and to do so, it is critical to understand how habits are formed. Find a fitness routine that realistically replaces your old (inactive or inconsistent) one and that energizes you and you will be in the habit of a new habit.
  • – Don’t be your own worst enemy: too often we are hardest on ourselves and beat ourselves up for not attaining unrealistic expectations. Learn to identify if yours are too high at this point, for yourself. Allow yourself that failures will happen and that true champions don’t avoid failure, they learn to get up and go again and get past it.
  • – Set smaller, more attainable goals: If you are not currently consistent more than one or two days a week, setting a goal of 6 days a week may doom you to failure. Start smaller and once you have achieved success, move up the bar. You won’t feel as though you have failed and you will experience a greater sense of accomplishment as you keep raising and attaining your goals.

While the suggestions here are not a detailed, already-laid-out-for-you plan, they are the building blocks of success that will hold up any exercise plan you decide on. We would love to hear from you what motivators or mind changers have worked for you.