Build Muscle and Burn Fat… is it True?

There is a lot of information circulating about how to best get fit, be healthy, lose fat, build muscle, increase your metabolism, and you name just about anything else in regards to health and fitness. The trick is how to separate the facts from fiction and how to zero in on the practices that are the most effective in healthy fitness instead of just attaining that “ripped bod”.

Your body burns more calories to maintain muscle than what is required to maintain fat. As a result, when you build more muscle, your body will burn fat just to maintain that muscle. This results in an increased metabolism. Add to that the caloric burn during the muscle building sessions as well as your cardio sessions, and you have created a caloric deficit and have got some serious fat burning going on.

However, if in the act of building more muscle, you are increasing your caloric consumption, you reduce your potential caloric deficit. The trick is to eat well, make every meal quality and enjoyable for you, while nourishing that newly built lean muscle mass.

There is not time, nor space in this post to devote to the foods you should avoid and those you should target, but we have a hunch that by now, you have a pretty good idea of that.

We do want to encourage you to keep the big picture in mind and not undermine your strength building efforts by consuming more calories than what are being burned. It is also important to make sure the calories you do consume are the best ones and compliment your weight training efforts.

Also, be sure to understand your fats and how certain fats can actually be beneficial in your diet.

Your time and efforts building muscle are creating a caloric deficit, keep it going in other areas by focusing on the following tips:

  • – Consume enough daily protein to support that muscle gain. The current accepted amount is 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Examples of high protein foods to target: Whole Eggs. Egg Whites, Protein Supplements (whey protein powder, casein protein powder, protein bars, etc.), Fish (all kinds), Beef (lean cuts), Pork (lean cuts), Milk, Cheese, Beans (all kinds), Nuts (all kinds), Chicken (skinless), and Turkey (skinless).
  • – Avoid all processed sugars and empty calories, focusing instead on healthy grains, raw veggies and fruits and the above proteins mentioned
  • – While weight training, focus on excellent form and maintaining your weight strength rather than always trying to increase heavier weights. This will maintain muscle and burn fat while in a caloric deficit mode. This will help you to avoid burning muscle for energy.

Exercise science and nutrition continue to bring new information to the forefront. However, the basics of what it takes to be healthy and at the correct weight for you is not all that complicated. Focus on these and you will see yourself more toned while burning fat.