Why Do a Bootcamp vs. Personal Training

Bootcamps and group fitness classes are at the heart of our business at Sync Fitness, and there’s a reason for this! Unlike many gyms and fitness studios in the area, we don’t really focus on the one-on-one stuff, because there’s a far greater benefit and better results when you choose to do a bootcamp vs. personal training. We have built our small but mighty village with a strong sense of community and belonging for everyone.

Benefit of Numbers

In a bootcamp fitness scenario, you’re working out with several other individuals, all sweating together through the pain to attain your different goals. Over time, this group effort and encouragement to reach our individual goals for health and fitness bring us together as a group. And with more people working hard together for their health, there is more positive energy! This is so much more powerful than coaching and encouragement from a single personal trainer; when 12 people are cheering you on versus just one, you have more positive reinforcement and accountability.

Realistic & Fun Approach

One of the big reasons why people don’t like going to the gym is the intimidating thought of working out alongside bodybuilders with rippling muscles and/or mostly naked people women with gleaming six-packs. Group fitness classes with a bootcamp-focus are almost entirely made up of real men and women, particularly at Sync Fitness. Real people with real curves and very little concern for perfection. We have a ton of fun together when there’s a no-judgement approach to getting fit and healthy together. And no two days are alike! Variety is also more enjoyable with new and different workouts all of the time.

Achieve Goals for Less Cost

Not only do they provide an excellent kick-in-the-pants start to fitness, bootcamps and group training classes are less expensive than personal training sessions, so you can get more bang for your buck. Some personal trainers and gyms will indicate that it’s harder for individuals to achieve their goals in a group setting, but the opposite is actually true. Sure, you don’t have a coach over your shoulder for each and every minute of your workout, but you can certainly go to your trainer to get advice and pointers to make your workouts with the group more challenging or focused on specific areas for the results you’re looking for.

There are times when you should consider personal training, and our trainers can help in these special cases:

  • You’re new to working out and need more hands-on help with form.
  • You have injuries that you need to take particular care not to aggravate or worsen.
  • Your schedule can’t accommodate bootcamp classes.
  • If you’re wondering if classes might be a good fit for you, contact us!