Boot Camp Still Kicks it!

Every year or so there is a new kid on the block of “exciting new fitness trends”. Fitness fads come and go, but other than providing your bedroom with yet another space hogging, expensive clothes rack, there is no reason to jump on the band wagon. Stick with what works and your staff at Sync can attest to the success of a boot camp approach. Boot camp emerged some time back, but it is still going strong in popularity and effectiveness and here is why:

– Best Metabolic Boost. The use of high intensity intervals and circuit training stimulate your metabolism more effectively than any other workout. The ACSM data shows a burn of 9.8 calories/minute and an average of 600 calories/hour. Equally important to the caloric burn is the spikes of intensity levels mixed with low intensity muscle building moves.

– Build Muscle Burns Fat. That pretty much says it, but we focus on strength training in out boot camps and as your body is working to build muscle, fat is burned more effectively. You become a lean, mean, fighting machine!

– Team Approach leads to success. The accountability found when committed to working out with others causes you to work harder and stay consistent week after week. Add a bit of feisty competition with your team mates and you are pushing yourself your hardest.

– Endorphin Energy Excess. The healthy endorphin production during exercise also releases serotonin to beat depression and fight stress. Many of our members report a reduction in many medications including anti-depressants after regular class participation. Make sure to work with your doctor on this.

– Getting Back to the Basics. There is something appealing about a functional training approach, not only in the workout itself, but boot camp proponents see the strength and lifestyle benefits outside of class as they are able to do activities and challenges in other areas of life.

Remember, Your Sync Fitness staff have proven themselves to be highly successful in designing boot camp workouts that show results. If you have not yet experienced this for yourself, now is the time to join us and go for it.