Are you ready to get sweaty?

Serving Seattle since 2003, our Boot Camps are more efficient and effective than those of our competitors. Why??? Because we’ve been running Boot Camps and weight loss programs for over a decade and we know the fat loss formula.

Sync Fitness Boot Camp has learned what people love and what people hate (and what they love to hate!) We are here to help you make the most of our Boot Camps and your workouts to push you harder than you can push yourself. You’ll be surprised by how much you enjoy the Boot Camps at Sync and how quickly you want to come back!

Member Perks

  • Monthly Fitness Assessments
  • Early Access to our Transformation Programs
  • Fitness & Nutrition Workshops
  • Discounts on all Sync Swag (shirts, hoodies, tote bags)
  • Free Parking & Towel Service
  • Exclusive Sync Social Events
  • Access to Private Sync Superstars Facebook Group for shared recipes, events support, motivation and relationship building
  • Unlimited online support from the Sync Team of Trainers

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • We Provide Everything Else!

The key to great results is consistent effort over time in an environment where you feel welcome, supported and challenged.

Class Times

Mornings (Monday – Friday)


Evenings: Mon-Thurs

Friday : 5:30-6:15p


Sat: 7-7:45; 8-8:45 & 9-9:45
Sun: 9:30-10:15

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$1,995.00Annual VIP Membership (BEST VALUE)

Unlimited Classes for an Entire Year


Three Classes a Week
12 Month Contract


Three Classes a Week
No Contract


Unlimited Membership
12 Month Contract


Unlimited Membership
No Contract

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Classes are made up of all fitness levels

The transformations that happen in our space are life changing and life giving. You won’t find a more comprehensive or impactful Boot Camp experience, anywhere else.

What current campers are saying

Top 10 Benefits of Boot Camp

Camaraderie: Working out with others is more fun. Misery loves company, right?!

Metabolic Boost: The formats we use in class (high intensity intervals, full body movements, circuit training) stimulate your metabolism to make you a lean, mean, calorie burning machine.

Eat better:Our clients notice they eat much healthier on Boot Camp days. Who’s going to waste a workout by grabbing a donut on their way to work. You will eat better and likely drop a few pounds. Warning many of our clients have to buy new pants!

Energy: Our clients regularly comment on how much energy they have on days they attend Boot Camp. Boot Camp is like an amazing cup of coffee (x10!!)

Decrease Risk Factors: Regular moderate to high intensity exercise has been proven to reduce your risk of diabetes, cardiac conditions, many types of cancer. Don’t you want to live longer?

Competition: Working out with others makes you work harder. Our Boot Campers consistently burn more calories than my personal training clients.

Banish Belly Fat: Intervals and full body movements are the most effective way to burn belly ft at the gym…way more effective than crunches or “ab class”.

Stronger = Smaller: As you build muscle and lose fat you get smaller. Awesome! You will lose weight and inches as you become more fit. See warning in #5!

Enhance your favorite activities: Our clients who run, cycle, ski, snowboard, swim cannot believe how Boot Camp impacts their favorite activities. Boot Camp is the perfect cross training activity. Get stronger, build endurance and dominate your favorite sport/activity.

Lose Your Meds: A number of our clients have been able to decrease or even eliminate their blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Of course, you need to work with your doctor on this. Our client’s docs notice over time that they no longer need the medications they needed when they were sedentary.