Being a role model.

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I don’t want to workout. Yesterday was a travel day for me. So it was a 6am workout on a Sunday or no workout at all. Yup, 6am Sunday workout won. I just knew I’d be mad at myself if I didn’t do it. But, wow, 6am on a Sunday is rough. So here’s my proof that I got it done. It only took me 10 minutes (I did a couple minutes of warm up first, though.) Since I knew I was only doing 10 minutes I turned it up to HIGH GEAR the entire workout. Cannot waste a moment in short workouts like this. Something is always better than nothing. You can only burn so many calories in 10 minutes, but the stimulus to the metabolism is awesome if you really fire it up for 10 minutes. That allows you to burn more cals the rest of the day – woohoo! Let me tell you, I felt AMAZING when I was done. It was so worth getting up a little early for some sweat. Like I always tell my clients, “You’ll never regret your workout once it’s over.” Plus, I felt like a badass getting in a workout when I knew everyone else was sleeping. I mean who else gets up at 6am on a Sunday to sweat?!

Oh, the best part, I had my boot campers do this workout as part of their workout today. They rocked it, of course.