Balance is at Your Core

For those of us who are no longer eternal 20-somethings; regardless of how much we want to deny it…we are all aging. One of the first signs is very slight losses in balance. The changes are usually so miniscule, they creep up on us, but the indisputable fact is that we all lose balance as we get older.

Don’t wait until you are in your 50’s to do anything about it. Start now with some core exercises that are good not only for improving your balance, but also for…you guessed it… YOUR CORE! And regardless of our age, all of us need to improve our core.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 4.20.35 PMIt is important to understand the factors that affect balance as well as learning what you can to minimize balance issues and even re-gain lost balance.

Balance requires the interaction between your inner ear, your vision, and the muscles and joints from your feet up through your spine.  The brain processes the information transmitted from each of these areas and gives your body the information needed to manage balance.  When all three are working well, you have a good sense of your spatial positioning

Over the years, we all experience loss of muscle mass, overall strength, fading eyesight, and the decline of inner ear functioning. When one or all three of these areas are degenerating, your brain signals are thrown off and balance is adversely affected.

It stands to reason that improving muscle mass and practicing balance exercises can not only arrest further balance loss, but even re-gain levels of balance already sacrificed.

General strength training helps to maintain Type II muscle fibers, the muscles that are needed to help us shift our weight to prevent falls.

Here are some foundational balance exercises to get you on the road to re-gaining loss balance and also reducing any more loss in your balance.

  1. Any core building exercises such as planks and bridging.
  2. General weight training or resistance-band workouts.
  3. Walking with one foot directly in front of the other and standing on one foot are two exercises that can be done daily while brushing your teeth!
  4. Bosu ball exercises to build dynamic balance.
  5. Take time and patience in our Boot Camp exercises that incorporate balance.  Don’t just try to plow through them.

Remember that a vital, healthy life includes confidence and strength to enjoy those activities that make life rich. Maintaining and building good balance between 30-50 years of age will help you tremendously from 50-80+ years of age.