Apps to Boost Your Fitness Routine

As smartphones and tablets continue to reign supreme, with no end in sight, we’re no strangers to the App Store! It’s no exaggeration that there is quite literally an app for everything these days. If you can use your device to locate constellations in the night sky, remotely control your home’s temperature, and participate in a guided meditation on-the-go, you can certainly harness the same technology to track and improve your own health and fitness goals.

From apps that act as a food tracker or sync with your food scale to measure and record your precise daily food intake to those that count your steps or help you train for a marathon, you’ll find no shortage of health and fitness apps available. While mileage may vary, here are a few ideas that can offer real benefits and support as a supplement to a fitness membership or regular group classes!

Create Better Workouts

If you’re looking for an app that will maximize the payoff from your exercise efforts, PEAR personal coach offers an affordable way to access hundreds of dynamic workouts and can even sync with a heart rate monitor.

If you want to determine your VO2 max, or how much oxygen your body uses during exercise, this app can help. It also gives you access to guided interactive audio workouts led by professional coaches, including Olympians and big name athletes.

Start Training

For many people, starting and maintaining a new exercise regimen is the most difficult part of getting fit. The popular running program-turned-app Couch to 5K aims to help you kickstart a fitness routine with just three 30-minute workouts each week for nine weeks. You can prepare for your first 5K without feeling overwhelmed or hitting the gym five days a week.

Charity Miles is a great way to stay motivated after you’ve committed to running, walking, or biking. You can choose your own distance and earn money for charities — as much as $0.10 per mile for cyclists and up to $0.25 per mile if you run or walk.

Hit Running Goals

RunKeeper is a well-established mobile app for runners. It’s GPS-enabled, allowing the app to track the distance you run, as well as your time. It can also calculate your pace, letting you know how each exercise compares to your average. You can set goals, from running a particular distance to losing a certain number of pounds.

For those who need more robust performance analysis and who find competition motivating, Strava is an ideal fitness app. It connects to a Garmin, allowing cyclists and runners to track and analyze workouts over time. One of the most popular functions is the leaderboard, which shows how your ride or run stacks up when compared to nearby users who have completed similar workouts.

Maintain Your Yoga Practice

If yoga is part of your daily routine, Pocket Yoga is a great way to stay motivated and vary your practice, no matter where you are. You can enjoy specialized practices and routines and track your progress toward goals, including more difficult routines and poses.

With a robust catalog of more than 200 poses, this app is ideal for anyone focusing on core strength and flexibility. It’s like carrying a yoga teacher around in your pocket!