About Us

Do More Than You Think Possible

Sync Fitness Boot Camps in Seattle are more than just fitness classes, they are a gathering of awesome people looking to improve physically, mentally, and emotionally in an environment open to all. At Sync Fitness, you’ll be working out with members of all fitness levels, skills, genders, and ages in a fast paced but super inviting space, where high fives and cheers follow each workout.

Sync is a place where people can work out, be themselves, and be free of outside pressure and expectations. Our trainers and members are a community of people looking for a place to work on themselves physically, and emotionally as well. At Sync’s Boot Camps you won’t hear aggressive commands, yelling, or any other negative reinforcement; we build you up, through progressively challenging your bodies, and giving you the verbal encouragement and instruction to achieve your best. We pride ourselves on a fundamental belief that we can accomplish more together through our membership community and our coaches’ support.

Meet Our Team

Becca Arnold

Becca’s training journey started with lots of fear due to back injuries and general body discomfort. She slowly found ways to exercise that her body could handle, building her way toward fitness one workout at a time — and along the way discovered how much she enjoyed it.


Elijah Baker

Elijah is a Master Personal Trainer and specializes in weight loss, nutrition, functional training, sports specific training, and transformation changes. He is passionate about helping others live a healthier lifestyle and be the best version of themselves!


Bob Park

A trainer since 2010, Bob began his fitness journey in high school. He’s studied martial arts for 20 years, and does a lot of weight lifting, plus Olympic lifting, bodybuilding and power lifting. Bob’s training philosophy focuses on functional fitness — using the whole body rather than overloading one specific body part.


Jill Perrigoue

Jill has been working for 20+ years as a group fitness instructor, boot camp instructor, personal trainer, running coach, and competitive runner. Her specialties include runner training, strength and conditioning, core strength and balance, functional fitness, boot camp, and ski conditioning.


Taryn Perry

Taryn is the master juggler of 4 kids, working in the fitness industry since 2008, which is her own version of therapy. She started out working through her own postpartum weight loss journey after her 2nd was born, only to find she had a knack for what fellow Moms needed to find themselves again.


Elizabeth Kovar

Elizabeth Kovar is an award-winning fitness trainer, blogger, and presenter. Raised as an athlete, Elizabeth was born to move and discovered her passion for fitness when she became a group fitness instructor while in college.


Randi Miller

Randi Miller moved to Seattle 6 years ago and lives in Magnolia with my 12 year old german shepard/shar pei mix named Hobbes. During the day, when I am not training or instructing bootcamps, I am a nanny for 3 different families, for kiddos ages 3-13.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!