7 Tips to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

All the hustle, bustle, and celebrations of the holidays can do some serious damage to a healthy diet and solid workout routine.  Success is on your side if you adapt some preventative strategies to stay ahead of temptation and keep your activity level high.  Holiday scheduling reality may make it difficult for you to make it to the gym as with your regular schedule, but looking for other ways to sneak in activities and discourage complete abandonment of your routine will help.  Here’s some tricks my Holiday Hotties are using to enjoy their holidays:


  • Holiday_HealthTake advantage of wait time: While dinner is in the oven or baking those holiday cookies, do push ups, squats, lunges.  Sneaking in squats while brushing your teeth or drying your hair, ab contractions while in the car, and going for just a 15 minute interval run or power walk will all go a long way in adding extra mini workouts to your days during the holidays.



  • Be prepard for parties and events: Before you leave the house or the office for a party, have a healthy min-meal or snack.  You are less likely to over-indulge if you do not show up having to face that inviting buffet table on an empty stomach.


  • Go the distance: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park as far away as you can while doing holiday shopping.  Every little bit helps to expend more energy.


  • CHEAT! Yep, that’s what you heard.  But of course in moderation.  You are less likely to go overboard if you give yourself permission to have a small treat.


  • DON’T CHEAT…yourself out of your workout.  Make sure to discipline yourself to get to bed early so you won’t be stacking up too many late nights, resulting in skipping your morning workout.  Have your morning workout gear out and ready to go, as well as your work clothes and anything you need for the day. This helps you to have fewer reasons to not head out the door in the morning.


  • Keep your sugar intake down while celebrating: Alcohol translates to sugar in your system, which in turn is converted to fat.  Read here to understand the effects of alcohol calories and how to combat them during the holidays. You can still celebrate, but treat yourself to lower sugar options. White wine spritzers, dirty martinis, and avoiding all fruiting cocktails are some good strategies. The list is too exhaustive for this post, but check out this site for a complete listing of wines that are lower in alcohol and sugar level…


These are just a few good strategies to help you avoid those extra pounds during the holidays and start the new year already with success propelling you forward instead of regrets holding you back.