5 Things Sync Bootcampers Do Differently



I have been to gyms all over the country, and do you want to know one of the things I’ve noticed?

No one seems to be having as much fun as we do at Sync Fitness. Now, you can call me a *little* biased, but our Sync Bootcampers are a kick-ass bunch. And, I think it’s because we do things a little differently than the “typical” workout facility. Here’s why:

1. We don’t see exercise as punishment
Been there, done that. Haven’t you? Exercise is a great way to feel good about yourself. Why turn it into something you dread everyday? Here’s an example: You eat pizza at night and then think, “I have to go to bootcamp tomorrow and burn it all off.” At Sync, our classes are not punishments! Our members come to class to have fun, workout, get stronger, and most importantly to be a badass. It’s never about punishment. It’s actually about the privilege that you have to make your day really amazing with your workout. Bootcamp is fun like that.

2. We focus on getting strong
I see this all the time: walk into a fitness facility and all you see are “motivational” pictures of skinny people with “inspirational” quotes all over the walls. Well that’s great and all, but that’s not what the normal person really looks like. So, what happens when you change your mindset from focusing on “getting skinny” to focusing on “getting strong,” is that there’s a paradigm shift. You build a little muscle, and you get leaner and fitter, and more toned – all the things that women are generally looking for when they’re trying to lose weight. And, what I mean by focusing on “getting strong” is that you build lean muscle mass. You won’t get creepy bulky. Building that lean muscle mass is what causes your body to burn fat, and look tight and toned. By focusing on getting strong (in ways that are fun and not ways that are scary, I promise), you’re able to accomplish more of your fitness goals than ever.

3. We practice using food as fuel
How many of you can say that you have used food as a hobby? Or as a form of entertainment? It can be really fun sometimes to sit down with a big bowl of ice cream and maybe a cupcake, but then have you noticed that when you’re finished eating, you don’t feel so great and then you don’t want to workout anymore? Totally common. What our Sync Bootcampers do is try to use food as FUEL. Which means we try to eat things that are going to feed our day and our workouts. And then we have a little indulgence from time to time as well. Maybe you have that glass of wine or that piece of chocolate, or maybe you have that chocolate chip cookie. It’s okay to have those indulgences, but we primarily want to be using food as fuel and not as something a mindless hobby.

4. We laugh a lot
Another thing I’ve noticed when traveling around the country going into big gyms is that no one is laughing. It seems like such a somber and sometime scary place to be! And that always shocks me because when people come into Sync Fitness – I’m telling you right now – there’s laughter, and chatter, and people are communicating with one another – engaging in our community. It’s super fun that way. If you can’t laugh a little during your workout, then you’re not enjoying your workout as much as you should be. Come to any class, and you’ll see for yourself!

5. We check our egos at the door!
This one is important. When people come into our facility they’re trying new things, they’re challenging themselves, they’re trying to be a badass. That takes courage! And you know what? If they fail. . . it’s not a big deal – because *trying* means you can’t possibly fail because you’re learning something new. Sync Bootcampers have a really good time. We make sure that while we’re having a good time we’re supporting each other, making new friends and being active in the Sync community. That’s what sets us apart. Once you leave the ego at the door, an entirely new world of opportunities opens up for you.

So if you’re looking for 5 ways to enjoy your workout experience even more, please come join us!