Top 5 Tips To Your Best Beach Body Yet!

Let’s be honest, summer and warm weather can actually produce a lot of anxiety for people – especially here in Seattle, the Land of Fleece and Uggs (or “cozy slippers” as my son calls mine). The casual, cozy, layered look passes all Seattle fashion tests for about 10 months of the year.

And then comes July 5th, when, for about 8 weeks, we have to expose our pasty skin (I’m the pastiest in all the land!) and a little layer of “love”, AKA stored calories from the winter.

I’m not a big fan of “dieting” for a season or trying to shrink for any reason. But I am a HUGE fan of *feeling awesome*. For example, every now and then my pasty skin does not make me feel awesome – so I get a spray tan. Most of the time it all works out and I’m a nice shade of light golden bronze. Although, there was the one time I was a little more orange than bronze… But, I digress.

If you’re wanting to *feel awesome* in your own skin by summer, here are my 5 tips to getting “Beach Ready”:

5. Schedule your workouts publicly. Put them on your calendar and your fridge and your bosses calendar and your partner’s calendar. Then brag about them at work so your co-workers know what you’re doing. Brag about them on social media. Tell your kids when you’ll be working out. TELL EVERYONE. When you make your sweat a priority it gets done. The more people you tell, the less people who will try to book your for things during those precious workout hours. It’s all about the sweat schedule! BONUS: find an accountability partner and commit to a certain # of workouts for the month. Check in daily as you each knock off your workouts one by one.

4. Track your food. This can be a challenge, but there’s a ton of research to support doing this. If you know you have to document your food intake (every bite!) you will be much more mindful about your choices. BONUS: Here’s the thing – you KNOW what to do when it comes to food. Stop second guessing yourself and give yourself a little talking to about FUELING yourself versus stuffing your face. You got this. Oh, and My Fitness Pal is a great tool for tracking. Just ignore their calorie advice, though. It can be really skewed. Email me if you have questions on this!

3. #propro. I have to give credit to Sync member Caro for my favorite hashtag of 2014. #propro stands for protein and produce. When you put together your meals and snacks you always start with #propro. Once you have your protein and produce on the plate/in the bowl, you can add a little other stuff, as needed. You won’t need much mac & cheese if you start your meal with chicken, roasted veggies and tahini dressing (YUM!) Mark my words. #BONUS: challenge yourself to try out one new vegetable recipe each week.

2. I’m going to let you in on a little Sync Elite Circle Secret here. One of the most significant things you can do to change your behavior with fitness and nutrition is to start really noticing your influences and surroundings. Often we skip a workout or binge on unhealthy foods as a response to something frustrating, exhausting, overwhelming, negative, etc. Where can you cut some of this out of your life? If you’re in a great mood and feeling on top of the world, you’re probably not going to skip you workout or a healthy meal that will only further your positive feelings of accomplishment for the day, right? Don’t be afraid to own the heck out of your life. That means getting rid of people and places that do not serve your goals! BONUS: go through your Facebook and Instagram feeds and unfollow or block everyone who posts things that rub you the wrong way, make you feel bad about your body (most “fitspiration” is the opposite of inspirational!). Warning: this may include blocking family members. I’ve been there, done that and I’m a million times better for getting those people off my feed.

1. Ok, NUMERO UNO…. How to be 100% beach ready. Put on your bathing suit and go the dang beach. Today, tomorrow, or next week. You are “Beach Ready” just as you are. Don’t let anyone (most importantly yourself) make you feel otherwise. Sure, there might be things you can do to “tone” and “tighten”, but do these things out of self love and motivation to be a happier, healthier person – not just because you’re trying to shrink in the world or you feel your worth is determined by how flat your belly is in July. Make sense??

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Talk soon!


PS: Can we all play hooky and go to the beach today? Cabo?? Anyone???