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Progress, no matter how small, is still progress

Sync Fitness Boot Camps are more than just fitness classes, they are a gathering of awesome people looking to improve physically, mentally, and emotionally in an environment open to all. At Sync Fitness, you’ll be working out with members of all fitness levels, skills, genders, and ages in a fast-paced but super inviting space, where high fives and cheers follow each workout. The best part of all – our workouts are simple but challenging. You don’t need to have years of experience to join in on a class; in fact many of our members have never stepped foot in a gym/studio, before Sync. Whether you are an exercise junkie, rehabbing an injury, or have never done formal exercise before, we have the tools and the knowledge to make it fun and make you successful.

We know that we can reach everyone through our passion and commitment to your health and wellness.

Sync, is not just a gym in Seattle, but it is a community where people can work out, be themselves, and be free of outside pressure and expectations. Our trainers and members are a family of people looking for a place to work on themselves physically, and emotionally as well. We accept you for who you are when you walk throughout doors and embrace your individuality and goals as if they were our own. Had a bad day?Week?Year? We have all been there and our classes and community are here to get you through life’s challenges. Need a bit more? Our trainers are available for one-on-one sessions to assist you on your specific needs. Want more accountability? Join our SyncStrong Programs which outline how to set goals, improve your mindset, and achieve! We do this all, in a welcoming setting; in our Boot Camp’s you won’t hear aggressive commands, yelling, or any other negative reinforcement; we build you up, through progressively challenging your bodies, and giving you the verbal encouragement and instruction to achieve your best. We pride ourselves on a fundamental belief that we can accomplish more together through our membership community and our coaches’ support.

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